Aerospace & Defense

aerospaceMason Machine & Tool has been doing aerospace and defense machining for decades.  Using conventional and CNC equipment, we produce fixtures and short run machined parts that meet our customers’ specifications.  We’ve machined parts for use on commercial and military aircraft and produced stainless steel components for Navy ships.  Our pricing is competitive, and our record for on-time delivery is excellent.

One of our clients needed some inspection fixtures to check aluminum forgings for a military application.  The fixtures used self-centering clamps that were designed by our customer.  Mason Machine & Tool was awarded the order to build the inspection fixtures, including the custom clamps.

As the production of the fixtures progressed, we noticed a problem with the design of the self-centering clamps.  After analyzing the issue, we recommended an engineering change to our customer.  Our recommendation was approved, and it solved the problem.  When the inspection fixtures were finished, we found that the self-centering clamps maintained the centerline of the forgings at a constant height within .0005″.  Our customer was very satisfied and indicated that the results were well within their requirements.